Solar Systems at Auto Dealers

The significant amount of power usage at Auto Dealers facilities reflects their long working hours and the ultimate need to secure their expensive inventory.

  • Auto dealers need to keep their oversized HVAC systems continuously working to keep their large showrooms temperature-controlled year-round,
  • Auto dealers need to keep their large parking lots and showrooms well-lit to both attract customers and fulfill their nightly security needs and, of course,
  • Auto dealers need to keep their skyrocketing energy expenses down and mitigate their energy Demand Charges to the very minimum.

Benefits of Solar Systems

Solar Systems can answer all Auto Dealers energy concerns and offer unparallel benefits in lowering cost and demonstrating environmental responsibility. These benefits make installing a Solar System decision easy, straight forward, and smart business move.

  • As Solar Systems generate Electricity from the sun, they can offset or significantly reduce the utility bills resulting in a considerable monthly saving.

  • Additionally, Solar Carport structures can offer valuable shade needed to protect vehicles at the display,

  • Also, the relatively large space presented by the showroom roof and the installed carports structures will nicely host the required Solar System, eliminating the expenses associated with dedicating large real-estate space to host these solar system panels.

  • Finally, the financial benefits associated with installing a Solar System will be, no doubt, the most important and compelling reasons of all.

Auto Dealership Solar Systems installations

The growing number of Solar Systems installations at Auto Dealerships across the nation; reflects the Auto Dealership community’s increased appreciation of the social and economic benefits demonstrated by being environmentally responsible.

New Business Opportunity

Naturally, car dealerships are at the forefront of the exciting vast adoption of Electric Vehicles ownership nationwide. Therefore, it’s not surprising that more auto dealers are installing EV charging stations to accommodate the need of their customers and other current EV owners. With the availability of many online applications offering EV stations location services, auto dealers are getting free traffic to their dealerships and websites from EV customers looking to charge their vehicles.

Auto Dealers Solar Systems Best Design

As Solar panels naturally need large areas to install; Solar Carports over parking lots offer double land use as shades and space to accommodate these solar panel arrays, solving a challenge otherwise presented by realestate space availability. Being technology agnostic, First Energy Systems explores multiple technologies to offer practical solutions to meet its clients’ specific energy requirements, including preserving Brands’ specific design and look

Promising Green Technologies

Multiple Green technologies can be implemented in hotels to even provide more savings including:

Battery Backup Systems reduce Demand-Charges and supply backup power at times of emergency

Battery Back Up

EV Charging Stations add value to your business, attract new customers and, generate positive income

EV Charging

A business can save up to 90% off its lighting expenses when converting to LED optimized by lighting Controls

LED Conversion

Solar Hot Water Systems greatly reduce energy consumption

Hot Water

A bag of Free Gold for being Green!

Adding to the clear benefits and savings that come with installing solar systems at auto dealers; federal, state, local & utility incentives and rebates made it an easier and smarter decision to make.

These credits and incentives can cut the actual cost of installing Solar Systems down by at least 50% or more, resulting in a higher ROI ratio and shorter payback period. Indeed, a solar system can pay for itself in just a few years; after that, it’s a pure profit center for the owners and operators!

  • A generous Dollar-for- Dollar 26% Federal Tax Credit through Investment Tax Credit Act (ITC), of the TOTAL cost of the Solar System Installation

  • A 21% Tax benefits resulting from Article 73 of Tax Code allowing 100% depreciation of the TOTAL cost of the System Installation in ONE fiscal year.

  • An 8% California MARCS tax benefit of the TOTAL cost of the Solar System installation.

  • Total Credits and Rebates is 55% of the Entire cost of the Solar System installation, Plus, various Utility and Local incentives.

A Great Value and a Smart Business Investment

Year-after-Year, a whopping 25% ROI can be achieved when, above various incentives, are applied to reduce the total cost of a solar system installation, music to the ears of auto dealers operators, and Investors. First Energy systems Turnkey Solutions enable clients to harness the benefits of the sun to reduce or eliminate their energy costs while maintaining the highest ROI and lowest cost of ownership.

First Energy Systems guarantees lowest cost of ownership by:

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