Our Strength

While most companies try to copy other successful businesses; we, at First Energy Systems, love to be unique and different. Our Core business is to focus on challenging projects where our exceptional problem-solving ability can be best demonstrated. We Love those challenging projects that our competitors shy away from, as we do believe we are different cut of a company. We are proud of our differences with others, not with our similarity with some of them.

Why choose us?

Out-Of-The-Box design approach

Design approach; permits exploring multiple technologies to offer the best solutions to meet client’s specific requirements.

Extensive Industry-Wide Alliance Network

Allows our clients to enjoy the unmatched experience of best of breed subcontractors, partners and affiliates. Vertical Experience in specific critical operations is one among the many qualities we proudly offer.

Innovative In-House Financial Business Models

Including in-house long-term funding, Nonprofit Organization project funding and a suite of leasing options to accommodate even the most challenging clients’ needs.

Buy-Back Guarantee Program

Our Unique, Industry only, No-Risk, No-Questions asked, solar systems BUY-BACK GUARANTEE program, further enhance our strength and set us apart from our competitors!


Starting with Tier-1 Solar Panels and industry top performing Micro Invertors, First Energy Systems crafts every Solar System it builds with pride. Extended products warranties and skilled workmanship land us way ahead of our competitors.


First Energy Systems Corp. is a California Licensed Electrical and Solar Contractor (C-10 & C-46). Our extensive international experience and sophisticated Alliance network enhanced our ability to offer out-of-the-box design and reliable systems installation. Our partners are the top-of-breed in every vertical specialty of the Green Energy industry.


Renewable energy technologies are still in their infancy and the coming days will surprise us all with new, amazing and, very efficient products that will make our life a lot more eco-friendly, will help save the planet, and offer us greener, healthier, and more affordable green energy products. Renewable energy patents are booming the hottest technology phenomena all over the world. Labs and corporations are aggressively testing and designing new renewable energy products that might shape our lives very soon.

Five times more efficient solar panels, solar thin films, window & wall coating solar paint, high capacity & long-life batteries, flying wind turbines, and solar building facades are all but a few of what Green Technology is promising us. First Energy Systems (FES) is at the forefront of introducing these new energy innovations, as they are available, to our worldwide clients.

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