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First Energy Systems can help in planning, sourcing and, implementing large scale migration plans all over the world. Our experts will help achieve the stated goals of a National Energy Strategy using practical, doable, and, industry-proven steps.

Led Conversion Economic Example

Let’s say we have 1,000 typical 60 Watt A-19 Incandescent bulbs that are replaced with 1,000 A-19 LED 9 Watt bulbs, and let’s assume that these bulbs are running for 9 hours/day for 365 days/year @ $0.21/kw, then we will have:

Energy saved per bulb per hour 51 Watt
Energy Saved per bulb per year $35.182
Net Annual Saving for 1,000 bulbs $35,182


How Effective Is It?

LED retrofit projects can reduce gross energy and maintenance costs by an estimated 80 percent and will be paid for from savings generated by the program. Approximately 12%-15% of the cost reduction achieved can be attributed to an extensive use of lighting control and dimming controls systems.

Led Lighting Conversion Project Benefits

  1. Reduce operating cost
  2. Improve lighting quality
  3. Have a positive cash-flow.
  4. Guaranteed quick payback
  5. Hassle-Free Turnkey projects
  6. 100% Financing available or even better,
  7. Profit-sharing with no cost to owner third party funding

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