Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful. In fact, just the noontime hour of the summer sun is equal to the annual U.S. electricity demand. When adding high incentives (offered by federal, state and, local authorities), lowering/eliminating monthly utility bills, and an average of $15,000 increase in home value (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study), it becomes clear why more than a million homeowners in CA and millions across the USA believe that residential Solar systems make a long-term, low-risk financial investment.

A residential solar system should last for years of use, so it’s not your ordinary DIY project. Careful planning, accurate consumption analysis, knowledgeable components selection, skillful installation, city permits, and local Energy Company approval are all needed for successful completion of the job. Depending on your space availability and preferences, you can either go 100% solar or use a home solar system to partially reduce your electricity bills.

Home solar system components

A complete residential solar system will include:

– Solar Panels
– Microinverters / String Inverters
– Storage system

Solar Panels, inverters, and storage systems are not created equal. To ensure high system performance, only the most advanced and best-of-breed components should be used. For example:

– Use 400W+ high efficiency panels and not 300W+ panels because more power means more savings and fewer panels on your roof, also

– Use microinverters, not string inverters because micro inverters are more efficient, yield more energy, and continue working when one panel is off.

– Use most scalable and reliable storage systems not most advertised ones because reliable, scalable, and smart storage systems can save you money and perform better.

First Energy Systems will only use tier one components to maximize your savings and increase your ROI ratio.

Quality, Value, and Performance

Gone are the days when residential solar systems are collections of scattered components to build functional power generating systems. First Energy Systems uses best design practice and tierone components to build residential systems that are reliable, guaranteed, and offer our clients the highest ROI for their monies.

Nationwide industry-leading warranty, directly backed by most reliable manufacturers

The best warranty always comes directly from manufacturers. All residential solar systems installed by First Energy Systems are backed by 20/10 years nationwide manufacturers’ warranty.

Smart financing, our exclusive Flex Buy program

No Matter how small or Large your Home Solar System is, funding is an essential component to consider during initial planning. First Energy Systems’ unique & smart Flex Buy program was created to answer even the most challenging funding situations. Our program is designed to ensure the lowest cost of ownership while delivering a high ROI ratio.

A Battery Storage System, for the days when power is needed most

When your neighbor loses power, you don’t have to share the misery! Our battery backup system will ensure that your lights remain on when your neighbors’ lights are off! A well-designed Battery Backup and storage system will supply power to your most important loads at the time of a blackout, emergency, and/or high rates.

First Energy Systems guarantees lowest cost of ownership by:

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