Why You Should Go Solar in 2020

Although solar power has been around for decades, awareness about the numerous benefits of solar power has increased in recent years. More and more people are becoming acquainted with the fact that installing solar panels in their homes is a great upgrade which not only saves them money, but also reduces their carbon footprint.

Like all green energy resources, solar power offers a number of advantages for individuals as well as the planet. One of the main benefit is that it is a renewable source of energy, which means that is can be harvested infinitely without the source being depleted. This, however, is not true for fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas which take centuries to form and can be exhausted after consumption. Overexploitation of resources is currently an environmental concern, and greenhouse gases generated from non-renewable resources are a major contributor of climate change. Thus, solar energy is an attractive alternative to protect the environment.

When thinking about solar panel installation, it is crucial to remember that it is not just an expense but is in fact an investment. Returns from solar power systems have excellent returns on investment, and some people believe that returns can be as high as those from stocks and bonds! In America, an average homeowner will be able to pay off the costs of solar system installation within 8 years and will see a 20% ROI.

Solar power also results in much lower electricity bills for the consumer. Over the past decade, the price of residential electricity has risen by an average of 3% per year. Depending on the scale of solar panels installed, bills can even be as low as $0! Even more money can be saved as maintenance costs of solar panels are surprisingly low. For maintenance, they only need to be cleaned several times a year. Solar panels have great value for money due to their high efficiency. They usually have a lifespan of up to 30 years and only the inverter needs to be changed after every 5-10 years.

Additionally, for people living in remote areas where it is difficult to run power lines to residences, solar energy is a great solution as it does not require being hooked into power grids. Another benefit of solar power is that it increases the property value of homes by as high as 4% in comparison to homes that are not equipped with solar panels. In recent years, appraisers have started to consider solar installations while evaluating homes and set a higher price for solar powered houses. Generally, this can mean that solar homes can earn more than $14,000 in sales than non-solar homes.

Solar energy can also be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from the generation of electricity to thermal use. Areas without sufficient clean water supplies can utilize solar power to distill water. Moreover, it can be used by scientists and astronauts as a way to power satellites in outer space. It can also be incorporated into building materials, such as transparent solar energy windows.